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Which one would you like to have?  


ü  Develop Your Intuition  

ü   Increase Your Psychic Ability 

ü   Improve your Existing Inner Knowing 

ü  Finely Tune Your Professional Clairvoyance 


And do so in a matter of minutes or weeks depending on your current level of intuitional ability. Okay, how about these?  


·       Skyrocket Your Natural Gift of Vision  

·       Expand Your Clairvoyance 

·       Discover Your X-ray Vision 

·       Enhance Your Awareness 

·       Perfect Your Gift of Insight  

·       Upgrade Your Intuitive Skills 

·       Enrich The Quality of Your Trained Psychic Ability  

·       Advance Your Intuitive Power to a Whole New Level 

·       Take Your Intuition Over The Top 


Why Would You Want to Have a Strong, Accurate & Reliable Intuition?


ü   To have more vision 

ü   See the intent behind things (people, their words and actions) 

ü  More self-awareness 

ü  See the true structure, the true design of all things 

ü   Be able to understand Life and all things in it 

ü  See the intent and purpose of every Life event 

ü   Gain a complete understanding of who you and your purpose for living 


Here is the benefit and the real value of having an excellent intuition and from it, being able to see through things: 


If you can see it then it exists and if it exists then you can do something with it. A strong intuition allows you to “interact” with it, communicate with it, and then tell or instruct it on what you would like done, as if you are its master.  


Here is a great example of this: 


When you have a strong and fail safe intuition you can do what others cannot. Take a situation or circumstance, let us use a problem you have or difficult situation someone else is going through, perhaps a friend or a client. You can easily problem solve and find the right solution. Here is how it works: 


First you simply think about the thing or issue. This means to focus your attention on it. Then you begin the process of intuitively getting or receiving all the “information”. There are many different mental or visual techniques such as: 


·       Russian Doll Technique 

·       Open the Box Technique 

·       Layering Technique 

·       Unfolding Technique 


These techniques are designed to allow you, when using your intuition, to access all the information to find the solution or to “break the problem”. This is accomplished by having everything, - all angles - revealed to you including; 


ü   Who 

ü   What 

ü   Where 

ü   When 

ü   Why 

And How the problem is, exists, and the way to successfully get through it.  With a strong and accurate intuition, it is like getting your hands on the “User Manual” of whatever it is you are looking at or focusing on. It is incredible! 


But here is the really cool part about having a reliable and powerful intuition. You become a knower… you just “know”. In short, you “UNDERSTAND”. Confusion is gone and along with it frustration, heart ache, and of course stress.


So why have a well-developed intuition? Here are a few very good reasons why:


Ø   It allows you to tune into anything and “read it” 

Ø   You are able to pick up information 

Ø  You will access streams of information to understand that which you focus on 

Ø  You become “one” with “it” and get to know it 

Ø   You have access to secret knowledge, hidden facts, truth, and the keys to being able to make changes to whatever it is you want 

Ø   You experience and see the beauty in all things and live in a blissful state – not naive or spaced out – but you are more appreciative of Life    


Who Will Benefit from Having a Rock Solid Intuition? This answer is easy… Everyone! Here some examples of who and how they will benefit from “Knowing”. 


ü   Managers – better control employees and find the right balance to keep employees happy and productive 


ü   Businesspeople – run a more efficient operation and will much less stress, see through deals and contract with the right people of true like mind and intent – protect yourself from fraud and deception 


ü   Entrepreneurs – get a much better understanding of their business and the market, do more with less, expand with faith and trust in their abilities   


ü   Money Managers – make much better decisions on what to invest, where to invest it, and why 


ü   Stay at home moms – better manage their family and know how to address the needs of their children 


ü   Health Care Professionals – improve their ability to tune into the needs of their patents and delivery better quality of care 


ü   Executives – get in sync with their company and deliver top-notch reports, increase the efficiency of their departments, know just how to accomplish this, handle more work and responsibility with less effort 


ü   Professional Speakers – by accessing “information” they can and will speak fluently about their subject while projecting confidence 


ü   Professional & Amateur Athletes – massive increase their situational awareness to make better plays while enhancing their talents, skills and execute incredible plays 


ü   Musicians and Singers – easily tune their voices and instruments to the exact notes and understand how to interact with the audience 


ü   Actors – quickly know how to get into character and what is needed to connect with the audience through the camera to deliver that perfect emotion and line 


ü   Students – rapidly understand new subjects and have the knowledge make sense, also, massively accelerate the learning process spending less time trying to figure out complex equations  


ü   Engineers – create solutions thanks to ease of problem shooting, and come up with solutions through an efficient re-engineering process. Tune into their designs and move ahead with confidence 


ü   Teachers & Professors – understand the learning needs of students, and know exact why and how to deliver the right content, in the right way, for maximum absorption of information 


ü   Doctors – rapidly diagnose and treat ailments, injuries and diseases. Understand the cause of the symptoms and just how, when and why, to take the right action for speedy healing and recovery 


ü   Surgeons – increase your skills in the operating room by tuning into your utmost precise talents and doing so with the highest confidence, ensuring the very best performance each and every operation bar none 


ü   Pilots – finely cultivate the precision of flight controls knowing exactly what is needed to fly your aircraft on the fine edge of maximum performance. “Read” weather patterns and thrive in critical situations allowing for safe and efficient sorties every time 


ü   Professional Drivers – “Read” traffic patterns and operate your machinery with a degree of proficiency and economical prowess saving you time, money and operating costs  


ü   Trades people – apply your skills with laboursaving techniques from knowing the best and safest way to get the job done, day and day out. Know the best ways to do things with little to no waste of effort. 


ü   Consultants – provide your clients with incredible insight and solutions, giving them unique and in depth strategies that support profitability and ease of implementation. Provide immediate answers and present them with confidence  


ü   Salespeople – understand your prospect and know exactly how to sell them, when, why and how to close deals. Present yourself full of self-assurance and see the angles, getting in tune with reasons for rejection while instantly address objections.  


ü   Professional Psychics/Clairvoyants – You are already feeling and tuning into this tool. So, just imagine if you were to hold one in your hand? This tool will ACCELERATE and DRAMATICALLY improve your current abilities, and take you to a place where you never dreamed possible. No more energetic drains, no more delivering mis-information, instantly tune into the correct and helpful information for your clients – increasing your accuracy and confidence. Reach a whole new level of understanding and competency - guaranteed.  


It is not easy to describe what life is like with a great intuition only that you are no longer in the dark and you understand Life like never before. Answers and solutions come easily. Colours are brighter, foods taste better, sunsets prettier and love is grander. How so?  


When your intuition is operating at its peak you are connected with God or your Soul or with the Universe, and you TRUST the process of Life to provide and support you and in every way… and guess what? IT DOES! 


Life becomes magical.

Life ceases to be so much work.

Life delivers amazing experiences. 

Life connects you with helpful people.

Life constantly talks to you giving you the right information to accomplish. 

Life works in harmony with you so you get what you want

Life becomes fun, fabulous and free

Life and its challenges become less intense and more relaxing. 

Life outlays a series of shortcuts to close the gap between you and your wants. 

Life is energizing and a lot less exhausting and draining. 

Life empowers you! 

Life makes sense including your past, your present, and you see your future. 

Life becomes one of knowing and no longer one of guessing

Life really does become a joy! 


And now the question is how do “I” develop “my” intuition? 

How do I tap into my inner knowing

How do I bring out my psychic ability

How do I get in tune with my natural ability to “know”? 

How do I connected with my intuition or Soul, and do so regularly and easily? 


Well my dear friend I will tell you it is a lot, and I mean a lot, easier than you think. You need two things. First you need a very special tool designed specifically to get you instantly, and I mean INSTANTLY in tune (connected) with your intuition, and second, you need a little bit of coaching. Once you have these two it is matter of time before your intuition is up and running.  


The hardest part of getting in tune with your intuition is to UNDERSTAND the process, which isn’t that hard really. It will take a little bit of reading and watching a few videos.    


But before we get to this let me tell you something really incredible… 


Once you are connected to your Soul or in tune with your intuition, something unreal happens. Well many ultra-cool things happen, but the most amazing of them all is you discover where your natural talent lies regarding your intuition! 


Yes, that is right. You have your own unique talent when it comes to using your intuition. We won’t know until you get there but it could look like any one the following or something else altogether. 


You could discover you have a natural talent for; 

ü   Problem solving 

ü   Counseling 

ü  Hands on healing 

ü  Distant healing (this is a cool one and one of my specialties!) 

ü   Working with animals & their trainers (race horses, pets, dolphins, etc…)  

ü   Working with the land (this is my natural talent) 

ü  Working with property in a similar to Feng Shui (this is another one of my talents) 

ü  Working with plants or nature 

ü  Working with water 

ü   Clearing people of darkness (this is not performing exorcisms)  

ü   Clearing people of spells and black magic  

ü  Past Lives or Timelines 

ü  Finding lost items 

ü  Locating missing persons/children 

ü   Diagnosing Medical problems 

ü   Business Strategizing 

ü  Sports/athletic Performance 

ü  Critical tasking 

ü  HR/Employee Selections (you are excellent judge of character) 

ü   Efficiency Expert 

ü   Life Coaching & Guidance 

ü  Communicate with Past on Persons (talk to dead people on behalf of the family) 

ü  Analysis Expert 

ü  Forecaster of Trends 

ü   Sales & Promotions Guru 

ü   Natural Psychic (give readings) 

ü  Communicate with Extraterrestrials 

ü  Carrier of Great Truths and Wisdom 

ü   Keeper of Spiritual Knowledge    

ü  And the list goes on and on… 


So, which you do you think you are? If you are like me, you have a few natural talents and developed specialities. Mine are as follows:


Ø  Land/Property Clearing (I performed my first house exorcism in 2001 at age 29. I do this from a distance anywhere, anytime, or in person) 

Ø  Feng Shui Rescue (I correct/improve upon current standards) 

Ø  Business Rescue, Recovery & Efficiency 

Ø  Distant Healing (via telephone) 

Ø  Clearing People of Darkness (Spiritual Interference) 

Ø  Lifting  Black Magic Spells   

Ø  Oh yeah, almost forgot, I teach people how to develop their intuition!


You are capable of so much more but only when you are connected or in tune with your intuition. To be in tune with your intuition is like having access to a Cosmic or Universal Database. When this happens, you have access to limitless information, knowledge and wisdom, all of which comes to you in the form of understanding, answers, solutions, and clarity of knowing what to do with all that.


But really, it comes to you (intuition communicates with you) in the form of images and attached to them, are emotions or feelings. From here you find the words to “tell the story” of what it is your intuition is telling you. This is the fun part!  


This can be applied in your personal life and professionally as well.  


Okay, so you want to get to the hardest part of developing your intuition? Yes? Okay… it is the understanding of how your intuition works


Great! Now is the perfect time to talk to you about the #1 tool to powerfully and efficiently connect with your intuition. Actually, this tool INSTANTLY connects you with it… yes… INSTANTLY. Not a week, not a month, and certainly not many years in deep mediation. We are talking RIGHT NOW! 


This tool is called The Harmonizer


The Harmonizer is many things in one:  

Spiritual Radio – Provides Access to Information Streams (Different Frequency Ranges) 

Genie – Holds Your Intent (Wants, Needs & Desires)


Tuning Fork– Harmonizes All Kinds of Things


The Original Internet – Increases & Develops Your Intuition Supplying You With Knowledge


Spiritual Broom – Clears Disharmonious Energy Structures 


And here is a description of what it is and how it works. This will also explain how your intuition works, how to access it, and access that Universal Database.


We will talk about accessing streams of information sitting in different frequency bands just like turning the dial of a radio. This is really neat stuff. Here we go! 



Russian Doctor Turns to Science Out Of Necessity & Discovers The True Path To Health, Harmony & Prosperity, By Working With Natural Laws

Russia M.D. Fights the Brutal Suppression of the Soviet Union & Survives the Cold War to Form Scientific Group & Ushers In a New Era of Healing, Personal Power, & Evolution


Dr. Vergun, a Russian medical doctor turned scientist, inventor, and creator of a revolutionary and evolutionary Harmonizer for harmonized and balanced living, worked with the past, and blended it with the present to bring us the future. 

He is a visionary who discovered the formula for life and has reproduced it in a series of personal and professional Harmonizers for us to regain our health, restore our vitality, and to live an ecologically-friendly and productive life.

  His devices are his life’s work, combining more than 45 years of scientific and medical research into the suppressed knowledge of harmonized living and publishing this knowledge into a useable tool he calls “The Harmonizer.

The “The Harmonizer” is a technology that works with the subtle energies of life itself to bring you into a state of harmonized living.

  he Harmonizer is designed with one purpose in mind: to strengthen the human being by increasing conscious awareness or to increase our ability to heal and be prosperous by allowing us to tune into the perfection of life and Creation.

The Harmonizer is designed using advanced mathematics, ancient symbology, and sacred geometry well described by Leonardo DaVinci and such principles can be seen in the photo below.






The Harmonizer is a tuning fork   that tunes the human being or any object it comes into contact with into a state of optimal living/health. Think of the Harmonizer as a radio transmitter that broadcasts information on a specific frequency.

This frequency carries information that is recognized, received and understood by all things natural or man-made. The information it carries attunes the object, be it a human being, a glass of water, or even a cell phone, to align with the frequency of the Harmonizer and this frequency of the Harmonizer is the formula of harmonized living.

The frequency delivered by the Harmonizer communicates with the object’s current frequency and works with it to raise it up to the purest state of existence that was intended by the Creator of all things.

Thanks to certain factors in our world, objects (due to physical, mental, or emotional stress) degrade and wear out. What this means is that stress, both natural and manmade (EMR or harmful electromagnetic radiation caused by electronic Harmonizers and mobile phones), negatively affect us and everything in our environment.

The Russian Doctor discovered it is the frequency (the programmed signal for living) of the object that gets altered by harmful devices such as appliances, personal computers and the worst of all being mobile phones. Scientific communities all over the world agree that the mobile phone is the second most harmful object to us and our environment only to Nuclear Reactors.

Stress causes a change in the structure of the frequency of our bodies   as well as with objects.

Stress, through its various forms, changes the signal for healthy living and existence into a negative one.

This is why things wear out, age, or degrade in their performance. The Harmonizer, thanks to the technology and formulas of its creation, works with these harmful frequencies in biological organisms and inanimate objects and transforms them or brings them back to the original frequency of health, vibrancy and proper functioning.

The Harmonizer actually communicates with objects and harmonizes them to decrease the stress produced by harmful frequencies or frequencies that send constant signals to the object instructing them to degrade, fatigue and wear out.

For example, when a glass of regular tap water is placed upon one of the Harmonizers, the Harmonizer communicates with the tap water through a frequency exchange. This frequency exchange sees the water’s frequency altered to match the frequency transmitted by the Harmonizer.

The Harmonizer contains the MASTER Frequency of the Universe for optimal living and purity of function.

This means the information contained within the tap water is corrupted and not truthful when it comes to nourishing the body with healthy or harmonized energy via the process of hydration.

It is as if the tap water, due to manmade stress or by man adding fluoride or chlorine or delivering it to us through pipes and passing it through electrical currents, has been degraded and has been transformed from its natural state of purity to a state of less than pure.

Objects such as water and even our bodies have a memory of what perfect performance or functioning is (optimal frequency) and the Harmonizer instructs the object it encounters to remember what this natural and pure state is and to realign with it.

It is as if the object – water or our bodies – gets lost when it comes to being in a natural state and the Harmonizer is the road map on how to return to that state.

The Harmonizer does this by acting as a tuning fork to tune the object’s frequency to the Harmonizer’s frequency and this is an uncorrupted frequency.

It does not matter how harmful the frequency is that comes in contact with the Harmonizer.

The Harmonizer contains the MASTER Frequency for healthy living in our Universe and all harmful or less-than-optimal frequencies are subservient to this MASTER Frequency.

This MASTER Frequency is all about harmonization.

The Harmonizer does not cancel the harmful or bad frequencies. This cancelling was done in scientific tests with the EMR of mobile phones. The results of this attempt to lessen the harmful radiation of mobile phones by cancelling the EMR actually INCREASED their harmfulness.

The HARMONIZER mobile phone sticker, like all the Harmonizers in the HARMONIZER product range, does not cancel the EMR but instead, works with the EMR to alter its structure.

It communicates with the phone’s EMR.

The wave of EMR energy (frequency) was modulated or modified to produce a change of the structure of the frequency to be in alignment with the MASTER Frequency of the HARMONIZER Mobile Phone sticker.

The HARMONIZER mobile phone stickers altered only the harmful frequencies and did not alter the function of all the radiation which would have prevented the mobile phone from functioning.

The structure of the harmful frequency was altered producing a healthy frequency to the human organism! 

It is important to note that objects radiate energy and organisms have micro currents of energy.

The MASTER Frequency of the HARMONIZER mobile phone sticker also found in all Harmonizers is present in an active or dynamic state.

A non-active state would be the formula for the MASTER Frequency written down on paper, and thus, lying dormant.

When scientists attempted to cancel mobile phone EMR, it turned the EMR into an aggressive state and can be likened to what would happen when cornering a wounded animal.


To learn more about how the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) has declared Mobile Phones to be Cancer causing click here.   


The structure of the harmful frequency was altered  producing a healthy frequency to the human organism  ! It is important to note that objects radiate energy and organisms have micro currents of energy. 


To learn more about Laboratory Test Results on how the Harmonier altered Mobile Phone EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) making it Safe for the living organism click here.   

The effects of stress – be it natural or manmade – does not allow us to process correct or truthful information and we need to process truthful information in order to live and live well. Stress clouds our thinking and judgment.

The state of stress is related to the level of tension in our cells. Stress is actually a state of living out of alignment with the MASTER Frequency.

It is a degradation of the human organism or any organism or object. The Harmonizers, with their MASTER Frequency, restore the body’s ability to communicate with its environment to make proper decisions not only with everyday living but also with nature itself.

This translates into living in harmony with life. Harmony means lack of stress and lack of stress means lack of degradation or lack of wear.

For example, when you drink a glass of water that has been treated using the Harmonizer (place a glass of water on the Harmonizer for as little as 5 minutes), the water now holds the frequency of natural mountain spring water which is the ideal model for all health-information-rich water.

Water doesn’t come any more natural (pure) than natural spring water

When you drink the Harmonizer-treated water, your body actually receives the frequency of health or the information of health found in natural spring water.

Water recalls the ideal state of existence just like natural spring water when it “listens” to the MASTER Frequency through the Harmonizer.

In a way, the water becomes an extremely efficient delivery system for the MASTER Frequency of harmonized living.

The Harmonizer allows us to interact with nature safely. The task that water has is not just to be ideal for our bodies but to respond or correlate to the healthy processes that need to take place within the body.

Your body does a similar process when it digests food. The body’s digestive system simply extracts the vitamins and minerals and macro nutrients from the food and discards all the rest. This is why we have bowel movements. The body doesn’t use all the food. Cells are very tiny objects and the food doesn’t enter the cells but the vitamins and minerals do. Digestion makes this happen and the Harmonizer does a similar process in that it delivers a Universal frequency of harmonization to the cells. The Harmonizer can be used to treat food to increase its healthy information by aligning the frequency of the food with the MASTER Frequency for harmony delivered to us through the Harmonizer.

Think of the Harmonizer as a radio station that is transmitting a signal at a frequency of 102.5 FM. 

This radio station is transmitting information about healthy and happy living. Health, wellness, financial, relationship and every kind of expert gives us truthful information about our lives through this one radio station transmitting at 102.5 FM.

Meanwhile the country this radio station is transmitting into is North Korea where truth is censored by the State.

The State has their own propaganda and does not want the people to know how to free themselves of the evil oppression.

The radio station is in South Korea and North Korea does everything in its power to jam the signal so the people of North Korea cannot tune into and listen to the wonderful, empowering and truthful information found on 102.5 FM.

The North Koreans all have radios but all they hear is static when they turn their radio dials to 102.5 FM. Their lives are not lived in a healthy way and are lived under much stress.

This stress causes all kinds of fears, health problems, relationship troubles, financial difficulties and the suppression of feelings, emotions and personal expression.

They have been kept in a specific frequency range all their lives by their evil government. If they each had a Harmonizer, they would be able to tune into the radio frequency of 102.5 FM and receive all the truthful information to help live healthy, wonderful and prosperous lives.

The information they would receive from 102.5 FM would also allow them to escape the country and live elsewhere leaving the oppression, suppression, repression and depression of North Korea behind.

The Harmonizer allowed the people to access information of a healing and beneficial frequency and changes took place naturally in their lives.

Living under such extreme suppressive conditions of North Korea is not natural. It was a manmade stress.

The Harmonizers work in a very similar way to bring you a higher quality of life, whatever that is to you.           

The formulas and the technology contained within all the Harmonizers are all patent protected and not available for disclosure but the uses and the results of the Harmonizer are available to all who use them.

One of the most fascinating but simple applications of the Harmonizer has been mentioned: treating water. Once the water has been treated, it contains the frequency (proper information) of vitality and wellness.

The water is then drunk and, because our bodies are made of up 70-80% water, the treated water then attunes the water in our bodies to carry or hold the same frequency!

The Harmonizer is like a tuning fork for truthful information. Living without the Harmonizer can be likened to living a life being told lies and half-truths.

Have you ever been lied to?

Lies cause damage to your relationships, your career, your health, your wellbeing, and to your financial state. Lies equal deception.

The Harmonizers align you to a frequency of truthful information that will allow you to live with less stress and more harmony; less lies and more truth.

Truth can come to you as a deep inner knowing of what is needed at any given time to make a healthy decision for you and your family, for example.

The Harmonizers do not use crystals, batteries, precious metals, inert gases, or any type of mineral to produce healthy affects, and the Harmonizers have no moving parts.

The Harmonizer technology uses sacred Universal mathematical principles, Laws of the Universe, geometry, and harmonics used by DaVinci himself. It also uses principles found in homeopathy whereby diluting a substance up to 300 times radically increases it potency.

The Harmonizers harmonize with your body’s energy field and you thus become the battery source that powers the Harmonizer. In a manner of speaking, we can say that in the way the Harmonizer technology interacts with the human being, the Harmonizers are “alive.” 

The technology mimics the energy fields of living organisms to communicate with your living organism.

It is fascinating to note that the Harmonizers use a tiny bit of magnets to fuel the Harmonizer. These magnets are not used in the healing or frequency structure-changing process.

The reasoning for this is very interesting.

Manmade electronic devices interact very well with magnets. In today’s world the human being is so degraded from all the manmade EMR and has gotten used to and comfortable with these unnatural frequencies, that a tiny bit of magnets are needed in the Harmonizers to get the human being to respond initially.

A tiny bit of magnets are required so the Harmonizer can work properly with the human organism! Our current state of living makes us like a manmade electrical system that responds to magnets.

The sole purpose of using a tiny bit of magnets in the Harmonizers is to interact with the densest frequencies in the body to get the problem areas of the body to respond.

Meanwhile, thanks to the MASTER Frequency within the Harmonizers, the structure of the frequency of the magnets is being altered into a healthy one.

The energy of the magnets is getting transformed.       

Many people report an increase in awareness and beginning to develop their intuition or psychic powers. Almost all who hold one of the Harmonizers immediately “feel it,” meaning they experience a sensation in their bodies.

This is the result of their bodies instantly aligning to the Harmonizer’s imbedded MASTER Frequency for harmonization of a natural healthy state of existence.

Other people who are a little more advanced with their intuitive development report feeling much more connected with life and being grounded or less confused by life itself.

They are able to sense the truth in situations and have a stronger sense of inner knowing. Some report that the Harmonizer is a communication tool for nature that allows them to tune into messages from the land. They feel at peace, at ease, and at one with their Creator.

Most report an increase of spiritual power.

The Harmonizers once again do not use any type of magnet for the purpose of healing.

Magnetic Harmonizers are actually counter-productive. Magnets do provide benefits but only for a short time.

They actually use the body’s or organism’s own resources to heal itself. It would be like paying off your Visa with your MasterCard.

This means it will wear out the organism prematurely. For example, if you were to place magnets on a plant, the plant would grow bigger and taller and quicker but would die sooner. 

The Harmonizer does not use the body’s resources but rather, allow the body to tune into the natural frequency (MASTER Frequency) for wellness and optimization that is all around us in nature.

There is an unlimited supply of this frequency generated by the Earth and the Universe. It is in the air, the sky, the land, the water, the trees, etc… This is the real secret to the technology contained in the discovery and invention of the Harmonizer.

The larger the Harmonizer the greater the ability to attune the body or objects to the MASTER Frequency.

A Personal Harmonizer is conveniently sized for ease of carrying in your pocket or purse. It is plenty powerful for personal use, delivering excellent attuning qualities to the MASTER Frequency.

However, the Professional Harmonizer is 8-10 times more powerful in this regard.

This makes it an excellent choice for treating larger quantities of food and water and may be used to harmonize or treat or “bless” larger objects such as a vehicle or a room or house with the MASTER Frequency.

The extra power of the Professional Harmonizer provides greater coverage than the Personal Harmonizer. The Professional Harmonizer may also be worn on the body with fantastic results.

Applications for the Professional Harmonizers can include placing one inside a vegetable or flower garden to increase the harvest and to beautify the flowers.

Waving both the Personal and Professional Harmonizers over food, water, people and pets is the recommended means to attune these things to the MASTER Frequency for wellbeing and prosperity.

It is important to keep in mind that the entire line of Harmonizers strengthen and “distress” the objects they are intended to assist.

You will notice a difference in the aroma and taste of food and water that is treated by the Harmonizers.

Bread that is left to sit on a Harmonizer for as little as 5-10 minutes rapidly changes its quality.

Cheap and harsh-tasting wine when treated by a Harmonizer becomes softer and more mellow with its harsh taste decreased.

Good wine is transformed into excellent wine. Only 15-30 minutes yields impressive results.

To give you a very simple but powerful explanation of the technology to help you understand how it works, I use the following explanation.

Each letter of the alphabet is a symbol or shape (geometric shape). Each letter has a sound (frequency) when you pronounce it.

When you put the letters together in certain combinations they form certain words. These words have very specific meanings and make a specific sound when you say them and this sound resonates at a specific frequency.

Each frequency produces a certain feeling inside our bodies and these can be good and bad feelings.

When you put together letters to create the word “HATE,” this word has a meaning and a frequency that makes us feel bad or uncomfortable. 

Likewise, if you put together letters to create the word “LOVE,” this word has a meaning and a frequency that makes us feel very good.

How would you feel all day if everyone said to you they hate you and told you this all day long? You would feel very bad and might even get sick after a day or two.

It would very upsetting. But how would you feel if everyone told you all day long that they love you?

It would be very soothing and healing to be told you are loved all day long and it would not matter if it was from strangers, either!

Think of the Harmonizers as “objects” that tell you all day and all night that you are loved, beautiful, healthy, important, needed, valued, strong, smart, attractive, and a wonderful Creation of Life.

This is the frequency the Harmonizers are attuning your body to!

Without the Harmonizer you are receiving sick frequencies from our environment causing great stress upon you. This can be in the form of Television News broadcasts telling you about all the disasters and tragedies in the world for that day, about all the people who died, etc…

It can also be the form of environmental toxins we consume from polluted food and water and air, etc…

All of these are corrupted or sick or unhealthy frequencies (harmful information causing stress or upset) and the Harmonizer alters these frequencies into harmonious ones that are good for you and much needed. 


The product line of Harmonizers also includes a beginner’s Harmonizer called a “Gold Card.”

The Gold Harmonizers come in two sizes: personal and room. Both sizes contain no magnets whatsoever as the Harmonizer technology is slightly different than with the other Personal and Professional Harmonizers.

This is because the Gold Harmonizers possess less power. They do not attune you as strongly to the MASTER Frequency.

They do give you direct feedback to their power in the form of psychic imprinting.

This imprinting is seen as marks, scratches, lines, and even shapes that are carved or imprinted into the Gold surface of the card!

This is how you know the Gold cards are working and that you are interacting with it.

The energy field of your body is communicating with the MASTER Frequency contained within the Gold Card leaving evidence that the card is assisting you.

These Gold Cards are extremely attractive with Gold on one side and Silver on the other. Their shimmer is beautiful and eye-catching.

They make for great gifts and intriguing conversation. These Gold Cards are offered at a lower price point for sceptical people to purchase and begin their journey into life lived in harmony with the MASTER Frequency.

The Gold Cards turn sceptical people into believers and then knowers once they see and witness their psychic imprinting on the card!

The Russian Doctor has seen a Gold Card turn black within a very short period of time and this was because the person who was using the Harmonizer was extremely toxic in mind, body and spirit.

The life of the Gold Cards depends on the person using it but 1-2 years is the standard lifespan of the Personal Gold Card. If you are undergoing major life changes or dealing with an unusually high amount of stress, your Gold Card might become burned out in as little as six months.

In very simple terms, The Harmonizers take on your “bad energy” by absorbing it and then transforming it, and then returning it to you fully harmonized according to the MASTER Frequency.

You can see this at work especially with the Personal Gold Card’s imprinting process!

All of the Harmonizers are “alive” and they serve their purpose and function beautifully in attuning the human being to the MASTER Frequency and do eventually “burn out.”

The Gold Room Cards contain more power and their lifespan is often longer, of course, depending on the use. It is not uncommon for the lifespan to be 5 years.

Anyone can use these Gold Card Harmonizers from the beginner to the advanced user.

The psychic imprinting aspect of the Gold Card series will provide an increase of confidence in the use of the entire Harmonizer range and everyone upgrades to the next level of more powerful Harmonizers – the Personal and Professional series.

The lifespan of the more powerful Personal and Professional Harmonizers is 3-5 years.

The Russian Doctor has also created a Children’s Harmonizer.

It is similar in size to the Personal Harmonizers but the MASTER Frequency has been slightly altered to focus on the intellectual development of the child.

The entire range of Harmonizers is safe for children and animals, even the Personal and Professional series.

Even the beloved family pet is not forgotten when it comes to harmonized living thanks to the MASTER Frequency delivered in a Pet-sized Harmonizer.

Dogs and cats both benefit from the Pet Harmonizer. The Pet Harmonizer is worn under the collar next to the coat of the pet.

The Harmonizer Mobile Phone Sticker is placed under the battery of the mobile phone next to the body of the phone. It can also be placed on the outside of the body of the mobile phone underneath the battery.

Either way will effectively alter the structure of the harmful EMR emitted by the mobile phone to a safe frequency harmonized to the MASTER Frequency experienced by the human body.

Simply place the Mobile Phone HARMONIZER Sticker near the battery or power source of the appliance for maximum protection and harmful frequency structure change to the MASTER Frequency.  

The Mobile Phone HARMONIZER Sticker had a lifespan of 12 months.

It is recommended that the Mobile Phone HARMONIZER Sticker is placed on all handheld electrical Harmonizers that you come in contact with such as an Apple iPod, Playstation, hair dryer, vacuum, microwave oven, refrigerator, wireless routers, cordless phones, laptop, PC, xBox, and other personal entertainment systems for maximum coverage and protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Why risk the damaging effects of EMR when it can be harmoniously altered so easily and at such a low cost?   

The harmonizing technology of the Harmonizers was created over 20 years ago as a powerful and efficient way for us to become effortlessly aligned with the Universe’s radio station that broadcasts information, knowledge and messages of healthy and prosperous living.

All you need to do is to hold one of the Harmonizers to feel its instant effects on your body to understand the power of it.

Simply hold one in your hands and “listen” to the way it feels in your body.

Listen to the messages it is giving you as it creates waves of pleasing sensations throughout your body.

This is the surest way to know that it is working and will deliver to you what you need most in life.

Welcome in the HARMONIZER series of products into your life and welcome in harmonized living to the MASTER Frequency while living as we were intended to live – naturally healthy, naturally prosperous, and naturally with Nature!  

Dr. Vergun, the Russian Doctor who discovered the MASTER Frequency and created the attuning technology found in the HARMONIZER series of products, leaves us with an important message regarding our personal evolution.

“There is more to life than just living and making money and going to work and eating and sleeping…so much more. It is about mastering the everyday tasks of living from bathing to walking and to living the life that is yours.

The Harmonizer technology embedded with the MASTER Frequency I discovered when I searched for the ultimate solution to harmonized living aligns us all to the wonders of life; to the natural essence of who we are as human beings on this truly glorious planet we call ours.

This is what I call evolution and the reason why we experience problems is because we are not evolving. The process of evolution is exactly what I just said; it is about listening to life with each step we take, each door handle we turn and with each word we say. The information for harmonized living that is available to us is mind boggling but the stress caused by our modern living with its inventions for convenience and comfort block us from receiving it until now.

The MASTER Frequency given to us by our Creator is the solution to unblocking our evolution and I am proud to deliver it to you through the HARMONIZER series of products. All that is required is that you “Listen” to the messages life is sending you and you do this simply by holding a Personal or Professional Harmonizer in your hands or placing one near your body. The rest is easy… just relax and smile.”


So now you have a better understanding of the intuitive process and how the Harmonizer works to get you connected to your Soul, to God or whatever name it goes by for you.


It sounds incredible and after working with the Harmonizer for 5 years, it is. 


Let us see some of the other ways you benefit from having a Harmonizer: 


Harmonizer Benefits 


  • You experience a dramatic increase of Well-being  
  • A Calm engulfs you and you feel at Ease  
  • You feel Deep Peacefulness  
  • You are Relaxed  
  • Clarity is before your eyes   
  • Emotional fortitude is yours to take on new challenges and goals  
  • You will be able to easily Manage any kind of new stress that comes your way  
  • You will Increase your ability to manifest your thoughts and desires  
  • The Harmonizer incredibly Holds your intent like never before – law of attraction now works. This is one of the most important aspects of using your Harmonizer  
  • You will now Understand life and its meaning  
  • You will Understand your Destiny and reason for existing  
  • Deep, restful sleep is yours to have  
  • Mental sharpness is yours to use  
  • Reduction of stress up to 90%  
  • Always connected to your greatest source of Inspiration   
  • Become a “Knower”  
  • Increased problem solving abilities  
  • See through illusions and lies  
  • Faster learning, quicker absorption of ideas, concepts and studies   
  • Less overwhelmed with Life’s demands or not overwhelmed at all  
  • Manage your life and cope with life’s responsibilities   
  • Can better systemize, categorize and organize everything in your life like never before  
  • Gargantuan Increase of confidence  
  • Massive Increase of patience  
  • No more emotional outbursts  
  • You will feel in complete control of your life. No more Victimhood  
  • You will become the Master and Commander of your Destiny  


I want to address a key point from above; Holding Your Intent. 


I discuss in great detail how the Harmonizer gives you the power to effortlessly Hold Your Intent in The Harmonizer Training Manual. Here is an excerpt from this manual.  


“When you think about what you want, need and desire, and you use your imagination to live it in your mind, these are all being systematically organized in a very specific way. This specific way is extremely efficient. It is the greatest filing or storage system ever created and it is automatic now when you are Harmonized. Each want, need and desire is placed in a specific area of the “Intentions Department” of your mind or with God or the Universe. It has its own section and it is protected or kept safe.   

When we have a want or need or desire, and when we use our intent to have these things in our Life in physical form, we make a deposit. It is like we are making a deposit or putting certain things we want (intent) in a specific spot for safe keeping. Our wants, need and desires are not thrown into the same spot and mixed up. They are all individually grouped together to maintain their purity. Thanks to the Harmonizer, they are cleansed, screened, filtered and purified of the Stress Gang and organized in a highly efficient and systematic way.

The flour is stored with the other flour, the baking powder with the other baking powder, the vanilla with the other vanilla, the eggs with the other eggs, the powdered sugar is kept separate from the table sugar, and so forth for the milk, coco powder, and other ingredients to bake a cake.  

This happens with our intentions when we are Harmonized. They all have their very own place and go through a purity process before they arrive at their safe spot. They are organized and systemized and they are “pure” or without fear, worry and doubt.


The goal is to EXPAND your tune or get ultra-connected and Linked Up! And what will this look and/or feel like? You will be able to sense all the safe spots that systematically hold the things you want. You will be able to think and feel that your intentions are all organized nicely allowing you to access them with almost no effort whatsoever.


You will be able to “visit” them and connect with them and this means being able to feel your wants, needs and desire, that are currently fantasizes or dreams, and KNOW they are going to be REAL. Then end result is having CONFIDENCE you will get what you want. You will know when you are Linked Up and Harmonized because you will experience a soothing feeling of calm and peace with an absence of fear, worry, and doubt.” 


So how long does it take to develop your intuition? For some it will take a few days and for others a few weeks. IT DOES NOT TAKE YEARS! The connection to your intuition when holding your Harmonizer is instant. Knowing what to make of the information that you have instant access to takes a little bit of guidance and coaching. This is where me and my Intuitive Expert Panel comes in. 


Before I talk about the Expert Panel, a hand selected (by me) panel of 4 extremely gifted intuitive people: 2 professional psychics/healers, one retired professional, and one very talented non-professional intuitive, I will share with you the 3 stages of getting connected.  


Now I need to bring up the 3 stages of accessing your intuition using your Harmonizer. There are 3 Stages to Working with the Harmonizer:


Stage 1: Linking Up 

Stage 2: Getting Attuned 

Stage 3: Expanding Your Tune


I have created an 8 week program designed specifically to take a person who has little to no intuitive ability, and transforming them into a person who has a close connection with that awesome Universal Database. Here is the breakdown: 


Stage 1 Linking Up is the initial 2 hours you spend with your Harmonizer. This is an extremely important process. This is where your Harmonizer interacts with you and you with it, and, when you truly and instantly make that connection to your Soul, with God, or with what Wayne Dyer calls, “Source Energy”. It does not matter how strong your intuition might already be, or if you currently are a professional psychic or intuitive. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING in the world connects you to your intuition like The Harmonizer. 


Stage 2 Getting Attuned is the 8 week process by which you carefully monitor your stress levels as they decrease minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, and week by week. This is vital to record (I give you specific Log Sheets to do so) because the changes you make as a result of being connected are usually so subtle, they are barely perceptible by the average person, until one day they say, “Where is my stress? Where has it gone to?” Stress is actually the force that interferes with your connection!


Did you know this?  


When under heavy stress, the signal for “knowing” is extremely weak or blocked altogether. Your receiver is sabotaged and malfunctions. The Harmonizer is unmatched for establishing a very strong signal for your “inner knowing” while at the same time, placing you in a state of Harmony that by default, reduces the effects stress has upon you.  


The Harmonizer works two-fold to get you connected. These 8 weeks are accompanied by 8 coaching videos (1 per week to use every day) giving you specific mental, visual, emotional and physical exercises to perform, all carefully designed to get you de-stressed and fully Attuned - firmly connected to your intuition.  


Stage 3 Expanding Your Tune is the ongoing, open ended time frame, for you to now use your newly developed intuitive powers, to assist yourself or others in the ways appropriate to you. For most, a further 4 months is necessary to really hone and finely tune your intuitive skills, to discover what you can do with your Harmonizer and intuition, to discover what your true talent is I spoke about earlier.  



Introducing The Intuitive Expert Panel 

For these 4 months, we have the incredible wisdom and vast experience of the Intuitive Expert Panel to assist you and help take your talents over the top. They are here to supply you with one-on-one coaching to ensure you are maximizing your abilities and reaching your highest potential, going after any goal or accomplishment, you have set for yourself.


Imagine that… your very own (natural) professional intuitive/psychic to work intimately with you. They know exactly what you need and how to deliver it to you for you to bring out, cultivate, and maximize your great potential! You get the best of the best working side by side with you!


This personal, highly interactive, one-on-one coaching, is a paid service. They spend time with you weekly, providing valuable insights, and delivering you from any pitfalls that might hamper your progress. So incredible is the Harmonizer for doing everything talked about here, one professional intuitive has come out of retirement to assist you in any way he can!    


Two Expert Panel coaches are from America, and the other two are from New Zealand. All are ready to serve you and share with you their expertise and experiences, from the point of view of being blessed with a natural ability to access their intuition, and, from a very early age. One of our Experts is a globally well-known psychic (famous) for many decades.


One Expert had a healing center in New Zealand for 15 years where she treated people with addictions and many other diseases and ailments.   


Click here to read about each Expert and see which one you will be comfortable working with. All have been introduced to the Harmonizer by me, trained on the use and breakdown of the process a person goes through using the Harmonizer, and all are certified to assist you to take your newly acquired skills to the next level. I strongly urge you to connect with one of the Experts and make an investment in yourself.


There is no other place or outlet or resource in the world for developing your intuition than right here with the Harmonizer and our Intuitive Expert Panel.   


Here is one very interesting and extremely important thing to bring to your attention. Working with the Harmonizer is very safe. What does this mean? It means you are spiritually safe and impervious to outside psychic interference of invasion. This is critically important to know


Ahhh... so now we come to one giant pitfall when people have sought to increase their psychic ability and intuitive powers in the past. Here is a prime example of spiritual or psychic interference.


A lady who was predisposed to having excellent intuition, walked into a crystal shop as herself, and walked out as someone else. All she did was touch a crystal (not sure which kind) and was instantly invaded by a spiritual force attached to that crystal. It was not a good force. It penetrated her energy field and altered her personality. In short, she became a victim of mild possession of an outside and somewhat dark spiritual force.  


So what went wrong? What processes took place? It is simple. She connected with an unhealthy spiritual force (accessed ugly information sitting in a certain frequency band that has an agenda different from the lady) to which she had no power to stop it from controlling her.  


And how does she correct this and get herself back to normal? In case like this the person needs the help of a professional psychic or spiritual healer to restore her. But, this can only take place IF SHE RECOGNIZES that she is in trouble! She did not recognize this and therefore, did not ask for help! 


This does not take place with your Harmonizer. Your Harmonizer is “programmed” or designed to attune you with the Universal formula for HARMONY. Harmony; not conflict, not destruction, not evil, not wicked, not darkness – nothing like that.  


When I was in Russia in November of 2011, working closely with Dr. Vergun, I asked him about using the Harmonizer to bring harm against another person. I asked him; 


 If I hate my business opponent who has his operation in the building across the street from me, and send him bad thoughts and ill intent while using my Harmonizer, even waving it at him to direct my ill intent, will this hurt or harm him and his operation?”


Dr. Vergun’s reply was succinct. “No. It will only help him, only serve to bring him into a state of harmony thus, strengthening both he and even his building.”   


Going back to the subject of psychic invasion or negative interference... 


Now you know why one of the Intuitive Expert Panel members came out of retirement. He heard me on an interview and “felt” or connected right away to the energy of the Harmonizer, and instantly knew it was safe.  


He stopped his spiritual/psychic work and put away his talents for over a decade because of the constant interference that all psychics deal with when accessing information. It exhausted him. But the Harmonizer does not do this. It protects you from this psychic or spiritual interference and establishes an extremely strong connection to your intuition and the Universal Database.  


He immediately ordered two Professional Harmonizers, graciously allowed me to perform a Land/Property Clearing service, and after little talk, he wanted to come out of retirement and get involved anyway he could helping others to develop their inner knowing.    


So what really happened to the lady who picked up the crystal? How is using a crystal or other amulet different than using your Harmonizer?  


When you pick up, hold, or use a crystal or other type of amulet, you access streams of information sitting in a certain frequency band, and not your intuition. You are wide open. You are not protected! Either you resonate well and are comfortable with this the information in this frequency or you are not. But it is too late to decide whether you like it or not because you have already been exposed!


So, you are at the mercy of the information in this frequency band. It is like buying a movie ticket to see a love story with your Sweetie, only to find you bought the wrong ticket and are now sitting in from of a horror movie, of which you hate and find deeply disturbing, and cannot leave until it is over! Yikes! 


But wait… there is hope! Work with your crystals while using your Harmonizer and you have a very POTENT combination! 


Working with crystals without your Harmonizer means you are ungrounded and not safe. Trying to develop your intuitive and psychic abilities without the aid of your Harmonizers means more than 50% of the time you are battling to establish your connection to access the correct streams of information to accomplish your goal.  


This is why one of our Expert Panel members retired and why, thanks to the Harmonizer, he has come out of retirement. It (using his psychic ability and powers) is now so easy, so effortless and so much fun.    


I would like to wrap up with a few more words before I give you the opportunity to wonderfully transform your life with the purchase of your Harmonizer.  


The Harmonizer makes everything “better”. It makes everything a minimum of 20% better. If you meditate to reduce stress or feel more at peace with Life or to get connected, the Harmonizer will improve this process effortlessly.  I am confident the results will blow you away. Actually I know this. 


If you use the incredible Holosync program to improve the quality of your life, using it in conjunction with your Harmonizer, you have just dramatically increased the Holosync’s effectiveness in leaps and bounds.  


If you do yoga to get centered and feel connected or to get grounded, the Harmonizer will assist you to do so easily, quickly and powerfully.  


If you write or paint or use your mind for exacting or creative projects, the quality of your work will skyrocket, and you will be amazed just how easy it is to produce these massive enhancements.


If you use crystals (I have been trained by one of the Expert Panel members in crystals many years ago) for healing, relaxation, or for accessing information, these days are cheerfully over for you. The Harmonizer is a quantum leap – an evolutionary progression – far away and above crystals. Crystals need constant cleansing and even regeneration for proper use, not to mention their bulk and weight and all kinds of exacting protocols for their use. Consider their use by you a necessary evolutionary step towards reaching your highest potential via your Harmonizer.  


The Harmonizer never needs cleansing and is in fact, the “spiritual soap” that cleanses everything. All you need is your Harmonizer, which is actually your key to your internal source of power (intuition), and your intent. That is it! It really is that simple


If you are a Reiki Practitioner or any kind of energy healer or light worker, be prepared to enter into a whole other world of healing and powerful energy work. In this case, the Harmonizer will at least double or triple your effectiveness. One of the professionals on the Expert Panel cut her reading times from 60 minutes to less than 15 minutes, and, the quality and pertinence of the information given to clients was off the charts. To top it off, she was not drained in any way from providing the information to the clients. Yes… you read that right. Her readings are effortless – zero spiritual/energy drain. This means more clients and more help delivered and in a much more effective way.  


If you are an athlete, who somehow wound up here, let me tell you personally from my experience as an athlete, that your movements, skills, and techniques will be dramatically enhanced. You will require less coaching and put in less time and effort working on your game. Your athletic performance will automatically increase by 20%, and you will find yourself operating at a level of situational awareness never experienced before by you, no matter how “in the zone” you have been. You will now always be “in the zone”.      


If you are a coach be it sports or other, your ability to read the plays and react instinctively, will be something you have always wanted to achieve, but never knew how. You will increase your ability to direct your players in the necessary ways to get the maximum out of them. You will this do so easily and decisively. Your view of the game and inner vision will have you able to see the potential for the momentum to shift away from you and your team, and you will be provided with the right information, to keep the energy advantage in your grasp.  


To finish up here and let you order your Harmonizer, would you like to know the surest sign you are connected to your intuition, to God, your Soul, or to Source Energy? This is simple. Your Harmonizer becomes your best friend and you never want to be without it.   


So that’s it. Let me now tell you about the very intimate Harmonizer product line (if you can call it that), pricing, and packages we have available for you. 



Harmonizer Product Line Click Here



Are you wanting to take your Harmonizer experience and Intuition development over the top?

Are you wanting to achieve Intuitive Mastery?


Click here to meet The Intuitive Expert Panel and begin your Intuitive Mastery Training!


Rebecca Jernigan (U.S.A.) 

Michael Spencer (U.S.A.) 

Su Sweetapple (New Zealand) 

Gail Bussey (Australia/New Zealand)